Exclusive Events Venue

Corporate events

From rewards and recognition to rest and rejuvenation, every corporate event at Moongate is truly memorable.

Product Launches Venue

Training sessions

Require an intense training session dedicated to skill-building? We have just the space. Opa, our banquet hall, can be transformed into a crucible of learning. Step out into Ambrosia, the dining hall, for food and networking.

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Team building activities

Opa, our banquet hall, can be converted into a full-fledged conference room that's perfect for learning and knowledge-sharing. For senior teams, The Courtyard is a more intimate space to revaluate priorities and find new direction, where there are two dedicated conference rooms, that seat 40 and 60 respectively. And of course, you can avail the Green Fields, 2 acres of open grassland for all your physical team building activities. After the day's work, shift to The Fig Tree, an intimate and special garden area. It creates an atmosphere of harmony and openness that stimulates deeper, more personal conversations.

Lavish Entertainment Venue

Rewards and recognition parties

Everybody has that vital end of year occasion when high performers get rewarded. Green Fields, our lavish outdoor venue, can accommodate nearly 1000 people and can turn into a carnival-like space. We can supply stages for speeches and felicitation, create islands of food and drink, and even erect platforms for dance shows and other forms of entertainment. Events like these can go a long way in strengthening your employer brand with those who matter most to your company.

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Rest and rejuvenation outings

Sometimes a team needs to slow down in order to rise up again to even greater heights. Moongate has all the spaces for a rejuvenating, restful weekend for teams. Check into our suites. Use Opa, our banquet area, for discussions. Dine, drink and dance in The Courtyard, The Fig Tree or The Terrace. Later, you may even avail of our special yoga room and soak up the serenity of our special Saatvik Zone that overlooks the lake. Or have an intimate get-together at our Bamboo Grove, overlooking the lake.

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We have 25 luxurious suites which includes 2 family flats and 2 dormetaries. 100 guests can be accommodated at the property. These spacious suites has a dedicated sitting area, a beautiful view over looking manicured gardens, a stone's throw away from the conference rooms and Opa, the banquet hall. Work, rest, recharge and rejuvenate, all at Moongate.

We also have hotels and service apartment in two km radius for your extra room requirements.

Product Launches Venue

Large, convenient parking space

We have ample, valet-operated parking lots inside Moongate that can accommodate up to 600 cars. There is a separate area for buses as well. We also have a separate drivers' room, for their meals and to rest, if needed.

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